Customer Testimonials Updated both my phpBB & Kiss Portal in a very Quick and Professional way . Very helpful and understanding to my needs i would highly recommend and will be using their expertise for all my future needs .

Kindest Regards
A very happy customer
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Where do I start? Chris ( has been helping to
maintain, upgrade and install modifications and a portal
( for the past year or
Her experience and knowledge is staggering. My forum has over 2700 members
and rising ( This has been running since May of 2006,
and as you can imagine, I am very protective over who has certain access
to certain things, and I wish that I had known of at
the point of starting this forum, as there has a number of occasions that
I wish I could turn the clock back and have used them from the start, my
life would have been so much easier.

Many people are reluctant to pass over full access of forum and server
access, with a fear of losing all their hard work from years of building
your forum up. I live in the UK and to be able to trust someone who is
across the ocean 1,000’s of miles away, takes a lot of doing. I asked
myself what would happen if I lost access, what would happen if they took
my money and ran? How would I be able to contact them to sort things out
if they were untrustworthy? I couldn’t just drive to America to go and get
things back from them could I? This was a major stumbling block, which
took a while to overcome.

Trust does not come easy when you are in a different country. However,
from someone who lives many miles away from America, I can categorically
say that I would trust these people with my life.
I am more than happy to recommend, and give assurance of complete
trustworthiness of Chris (, as well as being able to
guarantee that if you use them you will not be disappointed with the level
of competence, professionalism and reasonable rates charged. If you want
to know who to trust, you have found the most trustworthy, friendly and
efficient people to complete your work for you. You can email me direct if
you want to check the quality of work ([email protected]) or simply
look at the website they have helped me to achieve.

Richard, Owner of

I have a phpBB3 forum ( with approx 1200 users ) that have been running for 4 years with only ordinary maintenance and updates made by myself.

Over the last year we have been looking at some modifications that would make life easier for us, but I didn’t really want to do the mods myself and I was worried about future updates of the core forum after mod installs. Fortunately I found through Google and wrote a few mails with Chris and decided to give it a go !

MY LUCK ! I’m stunned !! Excellent service, fair price, extremely fast reply on e-mails, very polite and helpful. Chris even helped me out with problems that had nothing to do with the job she did on my forum !!

My very best recommendations to

Morten Bahn, Denmark

Chris, I have to drop you a line and tell you how much you helped me in getting off the ground. When I came to you I had just hired another company to get my site installed. Their customer service was really bad and later found out that they didn’t even install the newest version of phpBB! After talking to you and explaining what I wanted you quoted me a super price. Working with you and your professional staff has been a pleasure!

You have made my forum so much more than I ever expected. To top it off your customer service is second to none. If I didn’t understand something all I had to do is drop you an email and within a very short time you were on it and had what needed to be fixed or even Upgraded!

Thank you for taking the time to work with me and finding out what I wanted and then taking it a step beyond.

All the best and again Thank you for everything! I don’t think any company could supply a quality forum is as short a time as you did.

Doug Povee

Well I don’t know where to begin, I deal with Chris all the time for our site needs and put simply the service is second to none! I am not just saying that, all the help I receive from him and his associates on the other sites are top notch, they are courteous, considerate and I can add patient to that also, I am in no way a php wiz, they understand this and work with me to help me understand and learn what it is I really need or don’t need. I can say this with confidence “if you are not getting the kind of service I am getting for my site then you are getting robbed!” I guess you could say they treat you like family or friends.

World of Warcraft
Scarlet Crusade

I wanted to give my forum a ‘once over’ and was sick and tired of Joomla, I
know how many people love this piece of kit, but it does nothing more for me
than give me a headache.
Anyhow, I started researching phpbb portal systems and bumped into the
Stargate Portal. It looked great.
Then just by chance I found a link to, where I
found Chris. She was spot on, for the small fee that she charged me, she
installed the portal and liquid black theme, updated my forum to the latest
revision (due to the last guy making a botch of it) and updated/reinstalled
all of the mods I was using without fault.

Took a couple of days to iron out the creases, but man, was it worth it.
I would not hesitate to recommend these guys at

Sean –

Well, i found Chris by total accident but seems i find the best stuff that way. I had been screwed by another company and they really messed up my sight. Chris fixed all their problems and totally made me a new sight really did an awesome job. She did it really fast as well! Awesome to work with went above what i had asked! i was getting 5 sign ups a week now I’m getting close to 10 a day. Awesome job Chris! Will definitely use your services in the future!

Scott M Channer

As a first time upgrader on Stargate Portal, I have to admit that the
process scared the hell out of me. No stranger to standard phpBB and mod
upgrades, the portal upgrade completely spooked me! Fortunately, I got in
touch with Chris through and within a few
hours, the board and portal were up and running smoothly!

It took a few hours to iron out template issues, but now everything is
(almost perfect), and my members are loving it. Thank you, Chris – couldn’t
have done it without you!

– Kay S,

Recently I was having some problems with my forum. Chris mentioned that she could help me to sort them out, and to be honest she did much more than this. Thanks to her my forum now runs a lot smoother, cleaner and is more pleasing to look at.
I can praise her work and heartily recommend her services, her professionalism and phpbb knowledge are second to none. You will not be disappointed with her work or her aptitude towards ensuring an excellent job is done.
So should you have any problems with phpbb in general or your forum needs a fix Chris is the women to sort them out, definitely 10 out of 10.

Graeme Sykes Administrator

I would like to take this moment to thank Chris and the team. After the php upgrade I had several problems on my forum, I trusted and turn to two other tech support teams from different websites. It took them over a week to make it look worse.
I was ready to give up until I came across the link and decided to trust one more time, I am so glad I did. Chris responded quickly to every email and within hours my site was back to normal.

Thanks again,
CafeMocha Administrator